Fiji Work Permits

With our Work Permit Services we bring everything to you that you need to gain employment overseas as a Fiji Citizen or gain employment in Fiji as a foreign citizen. We can do everything you need for you or just the things you would like us to do for you.

Today we offer Fiji Work Permit Services as described below.

MRIBA has an agreement with Thrive Employment Agency to perform the following work in placing Fiji Citizens in Foreign Employment:

  1. Preparation of Visa Applications and Lodgement
  2. Passports, Airline Bookings, Ticketing, Processing of Suitable Candidate and Transport to Airport
  3. Related Overseas and Local Recruitment Activities

The agreement stipulates: “that is deemed just and appropriate for the nature and progress in the development of this business.”

This means MRIBA is able to place Fiji Citizens in foreign employment with reputable employers

If you are a foreign employer who is seeking Fiji Citizens to come and work for you? Please contact us.

MRIBA can also place foreign workers with Fiji Companies.

  • We are discussing with the Fiji Government what sort of skills are needed by Fiji Companies.
  • We will be seeking skilled people who meet the criteria who would like to work in Fiji.
  • Preference will be given to men who want to set up international business based out of Fiji.
  • This means that men who would like to leave the west and set up business operations in a more man friendly country will have the option to do so.

Our services are driven from a single question: ‘How can we assist you?’

If you would like to review a short video about our Work Permit Services then please feel free to watch the video below.