Welcome To The Intelligent Business Agency

We are a global association of men who are committed to creating “Intelligent Businesses” all over the world.

We are co-operating and collaborating with men all across the globe to bring our new businesses to our clients.

If you want to co-operate and collaborate with us?

Please get in touch! We would be delighted to hear from you!

It is both our great honour and pleasure to have this opportunity to greet all our esteemed clients, customers and partners.  Welcome! 

Our Company

The Mens Right Intelligent Business Agency Fiji LTD is a global business initiative launched by Mr. Emosi Tukila and Mr. Peter Nolan. We are collaborating and co-operating with men all over the world to create a new and exciting network of businesses that men can participate in.

We propose to create a wide variety of businesses as well as to bring existing businesses into the Mens Right Intelligent Business Agency fold.

If you are man who runs a business and you want to join us? Please contact us.

If you are a man who works in a business and needs to link or connect to other men in business? If you need some service provided to your business? Please contact us.

The Mens Right Intelligent Business Agency is a legal entity registered in the Republic of Fiji. We can perform any actions that any other registered company can perform around the world.

The Mens Right Intelligent Business Agency is the legal entity that is a partner to the Mens Business Association. The Mens Business Association is an association and not a legal entity.

Some people who own companies wish to make their contracts with another company operating under the jurisdiction of the national government. They do not wish to make contracts with individuals or associations. In these cases the Mens Right Intelligent Business Agency can act as the agency between the company that wishes to engage in a contract and the person/association that wishes to accept the contract but does not have a company through which to accept the contract.

In essence, the Mens Right Intelligent Business Agency, can act as an “Agent” for any man who wishes to do business via the “Agency”.

So if you have a business that you would like to bring in to the Mens Right Intelligent Business Agency ecosystem? Please contact us!

We are looking for men who have great products and services to list on our Partners Page. We are looking for men who have great products and services so that we can cross sell your products and services to our clients and customers.

Our Vision

To enable all men everywhere to derive benefit from the ability to engage in business with any other man or any other business anywhere in the world.

Our Strategy

We will deliver on our Vision by:

  • Seeking out and discovering men who provide products and services that are of value to people either as consumers or as business owners.
  • Seeking out and discovering people and business owners who are in need of products and services.
  • Bringing together those who are in need of products and services with those who are providers of products and services.
  • Enabling this market place by being able to provide business services for providers of products and services including banking, office, contracts and other professional services.
  • Bringing into the Mens Right Intelligent Business Agency some of the worlds leading thinkers in their areas of expertise such that our members can leverage their skills and expertise to improve their own businesses.

Our Commitments

Our commitments to our clients, customers, and partners are as follows:

  • We are committed to excellence in all that we do.
  • We are committed to providing great value for money in all that we do.
  • We will operate our business as honest men of honour and integrity.
  • We will do what we say and say what we will do.
  • We will harshly punish any partner to us for any actions that we consider dishonest or unlawful.
  • We are committed to “pay for performance”. If you are great at what you do then you should be paid more.
  • We are committed to “respect for the individual”.
  • We are committed to not tolerating “Political Correctness” in our business. Why? Because “Political Correctness” is the exact opposite of “Respect for the Individual”.
  • “Political Correctness” stifles self expression and creativity. We are committed to never tolerating “you can’t say that” as a reason for a man not to express his thoughts.